Software maintenance and support services are a usual summation of our custom software development service offering. As we have implemented numerous complex software systems, we have also been maintaining them and offering related support for a very long time now.

When you need post-development services, Kernshell can provide a steadfast team of expert engineers that specialize exclusively in Software Maintenance and Support Services. We provide perfectly transparent upgrade and maintenance services, so you will always have absolute insight every step of the way. With our agile and impeccable services, your business will have what it requires to reach its full potential.

Our Offerings

Kernshell has commendable software professionals in various departments like Web design & development, software testers, project managers who can deliver their stupefying services in Custom Software Development as per the client requirements. Based on the kind of business needs, we can also deal with software development, deployment, and maintenance. Our experts provide you with productive long-term continual maintenance and real-time support services for all your software requirements.

No matter whether you have a start-up business or evolution business or branded setup, our proficient technophiles will assist you with the exceptional business solutions grabbing your requirements and make all your complex ventures into simple.

Escalate your business productivity, sales, flexibility, scalability to sustain significant cost benefits to your business with our compatible software maintenance and support services. Our key services include:

  • Web & Mobile application maintenance
  • 2nd- and 3rd-level support services
  • Various levels of support and multiple pricing with delivery options
  • Maintenance for the Entire Software Lifecycle

Why Choose Kernshell?

Being a superior outsource and software maintenance company, Kernshell team has substantial experience in performance tuning and making software maintainable. We exaggerate the concept of a sustainable solution, a solution that lasts longer and considers future requirements. Kernshell’s agile team offers services effectively and efficiently to suit your needs. We understand and respect the prominence of timely response to different support tickets in maintenance services and the team assures that customer receives a timely and moderate response to their needs and requests.

With our Software Maintenance services, we focus to rectify the issues and faults in the product and to enhance its performance.

Advantages of Software Maintenance and support from Kernshell include:

  • Scalable & high-performance Improvement
  • Bug Fixing
  • Withdrawal of outdated functions
  • Upgrade user experience
  • Cost Savings
  • Authentic Maintenance
  • Strong Data Management Policy
  • Customized alternatives
  • Seamless integration

Rudresh and Kernshell Services have been an integral part of the development and ongoing maintenance of our software. Fast responses, attention to detail and turnaround time, they will not let you down. It is a pleasure to have Kernshell Services be a partner of the Spondooli Fast Money Team.

Simon Giordano
CEO, Spondooli

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